Maiden Castle audio-drawing

Just as I was planning my field trips to visit Uley and Nympsfield longbarrows, I have twisted my ankle and am unable to walk very far. Until I am confident it has healed enough, I am left imagining the sites.

I remembered that two of the sites on my longlist, Maiden Castle hill fort and Hound Tor medieval village, have audio guides which can be streamed and downloaded from the English Heritage website.

I have not listened to them yet, and am curious to see what existing audio resources are available to accompany visits to English Heritage sites. This gave me the idea to create a durational drawing as I listen to an audio tour for the first time; to allow it to conjure up something of the site, which I can interpret as an ‘audio-drawing’. I wondered if drawing while listening to an audio guide, or watching a resulting video of the process, would feel like a kind of journey.

Since I am still settling into a new flat, I have lots of boxes lying around. I could not walk to the art shop to buy some large sheets of drawing paper, and this lead me to use a box as the basis for a drawing of Maiden Castle.

Listen to the audio tour here

Doing this made me wonder – what kind of contrasting drawing would I make if I visited the site physically? Also, what would happen if, when I have made a pilot audio work, someone used one of those to create a drawing? This could be worth trying out at a later stage in the project.

Related to this terrain, I saw this article yesterday about the area of Wales where I grew up, a landscape I know very well. It made me think about seeing traces of ancient sites revealed by weather as a form of process-based drawing made manifest in the landscape.

I have updated the Gallery page with more images, and by next week hopefully my ankle should be solid enough for me to make my field trips!

Next field trip – Uley Long Barrow and Nympsfield Long Barrow

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