Site Singing Exhibition – preparations underway…

I thought I would document getting ready for the first public exhibition of the project, at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol from the 4th – 7th July 2015.

I am really wondering what it will feel like to see all this work in one place, to be immersed in it, and for others to see it. I can’t afford a studio space, so I never see my work like that, all around me. Especially this project, with its solo journeys, drawings done on bus journeys home or while thinking of the places and my experiences afterwards, and with audio edited into sound sketches which then exist online. I can see from stats that the tracks get listened to by some people, but I have no idea really how they made them feel, or what they thought.

So, here goes. Fingers crossed!

Of course, if you are around in Bristol UK, and can pop by, please do, I will be there every day!

e-flyer Site Singing at Centrespace Gallery July 3rd-8th 2015

Site Singing on the Centrespace website

About the exhibition

Since last summer, sound artist Ellen Southern has visited a variety of heritage sites within a day of Bristol by foot and public transport, in keeping with Bristol being Green Capital 2015. At each site, she has experimented with her own voice and the acoustics of each space, using her voice to vocalise, or give voice to, these sites.

The resulting sound sketches, created from recordings made at these sites, are works in progress towards final audio works. These will be downloadable by the public, with the aim of contributing to the visitor interpretation of, and encourage engagement with, these lesser known English Heritage sites.

The exhibition will offer the opportunity to hear the sound works created so far, with varying combinations presented each day, and discuss their making with Ellen. Drawings and photographs from the field trips will be exhibited alongside the sound works.

About the gallery

Centrespace is a thriving community of artists and craftspeople offering both studio space, workshops, events and a gallery space for hire. Centrespace was founded in the late 1970′s and has been running as a co-operative since 1988. Centrespace continues to develop creative opportunities for the wider community in the heart of the City of Bristol.

Exhibition resources
Follow @ellen_southern on twitter, and see #SiteSinging for updates before, during and after the show.

Read a recent interview with the artist about the Site Singing project for SOUND ART TEXT, includes links to audio excerpts

Downloadable Press Pack

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