Site Singing exhibition, 3rd – 7th July 2015

Here is some documentation of the Site Singing exhibition at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. Thank you to all who came and contributed to such an enjoyable week.

“Engaging sound-sketches, inspired by visits to some of Bristol’s finest heritage sites” – Bristol Life

“Southern is a genuine polymath…the execution [of her sound-sketches] requiring dedication, planning, and hard work. [They are] all created by the artist using her own voice [with] each piece drawing on her fine art and drawing background” – Louisa Trimby, Bristol 24/7 read more on Press and Features page

Read an exclusive interview with Ellen Southern for Sound Art Text, with audio examples

Pre-show comments and messages:

“Congratulations on the show – what a fantastic project!” – Georgia Rodger, artist and musician, via email

“I hope the exhibition goes really well, glad to see the work continues in exciting ways” – Brandon LaBelle, author, educator, and specialist on sound art and artistic research, via email

This really is a vibrant and exciting field – I do hope [the exhibition] goes well” – Joe Savage, Interpretation Manager for English Heritage, via email

“Just been listening to some of the barrow recordings. They are quite atmospheric! A bit creepy even. I really like your drawings, they work well with the sound. It also functions well online as a project.” – Eleanor Clare, artist

“In Bristol, go see/hear this. Very interesting work on voice/site/heritage. Wish I could…” – Danny Bright, sound designer, composer, recordist, and sonic manipulator, via email

Visitor comments:

“Atmospheric, evocative, brilliant” – Faisal, UK

“Mae’n gwych :)” – P. Owen

“Intriguing and awesome on several levels. A great project” – DJ

“Great! Good luck!”

“Very interesting, thought provoking”

(in agreement with above comment) “Yes, very thought provoking!”

“Very best wishes with the project, it was lovely to talk to you and hear so much about the work”

Very unusual and original idea – keep moving it forward”

How interesting to see your approach to historical places – I’ve not come across anything quite like this before! Thank you”

“Loved the fact you used public transport. And the use of expressive voice”

“So inspiring to see the art of singing and drawing occupy the same gallery and heart space. Wonderful talent and soul. Good luck with it all! Thank you!! :)”

“Different! Good!”

“Listening to the space and listening to yourself. Fantastic!! Eskerrik asko!”

“A nice mixture of the senses. I also like the idea of travelling to the sites by public transport – sustainable art!! Thanks – Jon”

“Thought this idea was very original and fitted with the beautiful architecture and landscape. Need to check out these places. Thanks”

“Very evocative of places I’ve been to (and some I haven’t!). I shall be going to some of these sites because of this exhibition” – Tony

“You continue to inspire me. Keep on creating xxx”

“Inspired to listen more when I go walking in our glorious countryside. Thank you”

“Such a delight. Music and voice and journey to another place. What a wonderful exhibition.Please come to Stroud, I would love to see your work again and any further progression and development.” Jo Poole

“I loved it!”

“Excellent exhibition!”

“Angelic voice, lovely lady. I think brave too. Something totally different. I’m so glad I came in to hear and see. Thank you”

“Beautiful, evocative exhibition. I love the way the sound and drawings hover and interweave a subtle version of the places. Great photos! Thanks!”

“Very interesting and different from anything I have encountered before. I look forward to the next exhibition”

About the exhibition

Since last summer, sound artist Ellen Southern has visited a variety of heritage sites within a day of Bristol by foot and public transport, in keeping with Bristol being Green Capital 2015. At each site, she has experimented with her own voice and the acoustics of each space, using her voice to vocalise, or give voice to, these sites.

The resulting sound sketches, created from recordings made at these sites, are works in progress towards final audio works. These will be downloadable by the public, with the aim of contributing to the visitor interpretation of, and encourage engagement with, these lesser known English Heritage sites.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to hear the sound works created so far, with varying combinations presented each day, and discuss their making with Ellen. Drawings and photographs from the field trips will be exhibited alongside the sound works.

About the gallery

Centrespace is a thriving community of artists and craftspeople offering both studio space, workshops, events and a gallery space for hire. Centrespace was founded in the late 1970′s and has been running as a co-operative since 1988. Centrespace continues to develop creative opportunities for the wider community in the heart of the City of Bristol.

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