Site Singing presented at Eastonia event series, Bristol

Eastonia: Exploring landscapes with artists and academics

2/4: Ruins

9th October 2015, All Hallows Hall, Easton, Bristol

Thank you to Guy Lochhead and Leila Gamaz for putting together this inspiring event.

It was a great opportunity to meet the fellow presenters, see and hear their amazing work, and be able to present Site Singing to an audience in an informal, interactive way.

Read: The Circular Ruins by Jorge Luis Borges

Read about: Beth and Thom Atkinsons project, Missing Buildings

Listen: Burl

I presented the Site Singing project – by torchlight!

I hoped to convey the feeling of going on a journey, taking the audience through a series of the English Heritage sites where I have been working with the voice. I showed them the sites on maps, invited them to handle and hold photographs and drawings, provided scatterings of books for deeper insight. A selection of the sound-sketches were played out site by site, offering the experience of shared listening and focused reflection on each site.

Thank you to all who took part, and for the extremely warm and insightful feedback!

Guy Lochhead wrote:

“Thanks so much again for the other night, your presentation was so perfect. It really was an invitation
to get stuck in to our shared heritage in a really muddy, accessible, creative way, and it was so obvious how exciting people found that! The mood afterwards was very different to how it was before – much more

See the event Facebook page

Poster artwork by Alice McFarlane. Photos by Leila Gamaz, with additional photos by Ellen Southern.

The next Eastonia is Friday 13th November

Eastonia 2_low

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