Research visit to Bristol Central Library

I found an amazing set of three books kept in the reserves of Bristol Central Library, which featured prints of Bristol and its surrounds covering hundreds of years – from the earliest traces of settlement up until when the series was published, in 1821-3.

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I was especially taken by images of the Stanton Drew Standing Stones and the Avon river. I also found images from my own neighbourhood, featuring Temple Church, and St Mary Redcliffe (pre-spire!).

The books are titled Memoirs of Historical and Topographical Bristol and its Neighbourhood by the Rev Samuel Sayer. It is just one of the hidden gems of the local history books held by Bristol Libraries, part of Libraries West, which from the start have been instrumental in researching this project and provide a much valued cultural and educational resource for this city.

Below, one of the first books that I used to plan my field trips in 2014!

Bristol Central Library - one of the first books I used to plan my fieldtrips

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