Site Singing solo performance at Ocean Floor ‘Mirror’ album launch

I am working on a new solo piece, to accompany Burial, as part of my building towards a ‘song cycle’ style imersive performance, and hopefully release, of a collection of sites from the project.

This piece, untitled at the moment, is inspired by two of the religious sites I have made vocal recordings in. It combines audio from the Moon Choir Site Singing themed vocal improvisation session I ran at St Leonards Church, Shoreditch, in April 2017, with sound sketches from a field trip to Mere Fish House, part of the medieval Glastonbury Abbey estate, in September 2014. This work in progress, also integrates a piece by Hildegard Von Bingen, the 12th century composer, physical scientist, artist, and mystic.

I performed the work at an album launch by Ocean Floor (Aongus Reidy), who produces work on piano and self-built modular synths. His new album, launched at Cafe Kino in Bristol on 29th September 2018, is called Mirror, and being invited to support afforded me the inspiration to start to create this new work.

With thanks to Tom Bush for transcription and additional sound production.

Archived event page

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Site Singing live at Ocean Floor album launch Sept 29 2018 from Ellen Southern on Vimeo.


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