Site Singing podcast on Avon Stories

Around this time last year, Sarah Connolly from Avon Stories accompanied me on a Site Singing field trip to document my vocal field recording project. We discussed the site itself, at Over Bridge just outside Gloucester, in relation to vocal exploration, and the approaches to site specific sound work that I have developed in this project.

It was a really special experience, to take her on a field trip and share the journey and the site together. I took some photos and did some recording, which I will include on the blog when I can (the current backlog of material is a year and growing!)

In the meantime, I just wanted to include this chapter of the Site Singing story on the blog, and to share the resulting podcast. Pasted below is Sarah’s accompanying article.

Site Singing on Avon Stories podcast #14


Ellen Southern is a vocal artist, whose Site Singing project includes visiting lesser-known heritage sites, and making vocal pieces responding to the spaces, alongside drawings, photos and writing.

I met Ellen when she was performing a piece under the Avon Bridge, as part of a walk, and I was delighted when she invited me to come and visit one of her sites, Over Bridge. This is a beautiful, abandoned bridge to nowhere on the River Severn in Gloucester, and we explored the space together, while she told me more about the bridge, and why she loves it.

Ellen also talked about using her voice in her art, and using her voice to explore spaces. I’m really grateful to her for sending me some of the pieces she recorded on our trip, that are included in the podcast.

While we were there, I took photos with my medium format and 35mm cameras, and my mobile phone, and you can see them in this Flickr album .

You can find out more about Ellen Southern on her website, and follow her on facebook and twitter.   Her Site Singing project is documented on her blog, with writing, drawing, and of course, music, and there are also recordings on Bandcamp.  There’s also an interview with her about the project on South Art Text.

Ellen is also in a band, Dead Space Chamber Music, and they are on facebook, twitter and bandcamp.

There’s more information about Over Bridge on the English Heritage website.

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