As Above So Below: day 5

Day 5 of the Site Singing collaborative artist residency at St John on the Wall, Bristol, by Markus Feiler (Berlin) and Ellen Southern (Bristol).

Event page:

Closing event in the crypt Thursday 11th October from 7pm:

Day 5 was the day of the closing event. So, all the work we have made during the residency was to be presented in an exhibition, to be followed by live performances by Ellen (a vocal piece, integrating the collaboratively produced sound works from the residency), and our special guest Il Santo Bevitore (drone / experimental / ritual) , who travelled from London especially to perform at the event.


There was alot to do in the daytime to prepare: mounting the graphite and charcoal rubbings, taking collection of the PA, setting up the visual projection and installations onto the tombs, and finishing off Ellens 3d drawing: sticking the images onto card and cutting them out to stand up.

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We did some final flyering and online promotion of the event on social media, including an article in Bristol 24/7.

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With the final touches complete, we were ready to present the fruits of our labours: As Above So Below…!




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